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Eric Van Hook

Chief of Police  |  O’Fallon, Illinois


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The O’Fallon Board of Fire and Police Commissioners is excited to announce the implementation of a Lateral Entry Program for Police Officers. 

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The O’Fallon Police Department is dedicated to proactively solving problems and protecting life and property through education, prevention and enforcement.  In striving to accomplish this mission, service to community is our commitment; honor & integrity our mandate.


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The Patrol Division is the largest component of the O’Fallon, Illinois Police Department with thirty-three (33) full time police officers.  It includes the uniformed men and women assigned to patrol the City of O’Fallon, providing the first line of police services.  The Patrol Division is divided into four, 12-hour shifts.  Each shift is constructed of a Sergeant and seven police officers.  Two Patrol Lieutenants oversee two patrol shifts respectfully and the entire division is commanded by one Captain.

The City of O’Fallon is strategically divided into three zones, each patrolled by a specifically assigned uniformed police officer, as well as two officers assigned to “rove” positions.

The goal of the Patrol Division is to proactively solve problems and protect life and property through education, prevention and enforcement.


We are the right size, the right fit and the right place to start a career or make the right move up the ladder. We have 50 commissioned police officers & 17 civilian support staff.

New police recruits receive 560 hours of basic law enforcement training mandated by the State of Illinois followed by a department 14-week field training program.

Starting salary is $71,068. Medical insurance is provided for officers at no extra cost plus pension. Competitive promotional examinations are offered every 3 years by the Board of Police & Fire Commissioners for the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, and captain. There is opportunity to become part of Special Task Force Teams including major case squad, investigations, narcotics, & SWAT.


To participate in the entry level selection process for the position of police officer, a candidate must possess the requirements of the Illinois Statutes and the following requirements:
  • U.S. citizen or an alien admitted for permanent residency or authorized to work in the U.S.
  • Be between the ages of 21 and 35.
  • 64 credit hours toward a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate’s degree in law enforcement, or a Bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited jr. college, university or college. Individuals who are currently certified as police officers with a municipal, county state or federal agency and have a minimum of two years experience can apply that experience in lieu of the college degree/credit requirement.
  • Possess or able to obtain a valid Illinois drivers license
  • Able to meet the requirements of O’Fallon Police Officer job description.


  • 1) Candidates who are over 35 years of age, and have any amount of full time law enforcement experience with a municipality in any state, are eligible.
  • 2) Candidates who have Illinois Sheriff Deputy and/or State of Illinois Police patrol experience are eligible up to the age of 40
  • 3) Candidates who are 20 years of age and have successfully completed 2 years of law enforcement studies at an accredited college or university, are eligible.
  • 4) A military veteran shall be allowed to exceed age 35 by the number of years served in active military duty, up to 10 years.


We understand the test taking, background checks, and physical fitness may not come easy for you. That’s why we have established programs to help you prepare to answer the call.

If you are still in school, we offer the Explorers Program where you can get real world experience on the Force to help you prepare for your career as a law enforcement officer. You can become a Community Officer while you are working towards taking your tests and earn a living while you train.

The O’Fallon Police Department will be hosting several orientation and test prep nights. Stay tuned for More Information.


TESTING: Each applicant must pass a series of exams conducted by the Southwestern Illinois Joint Fire & Police Recruitment & Testing Consortium. Testing includes entry level testing process, mandatory orientation, application form, physical agility test, and written examination. The written examination scores of qualified candidates are forwarded to the O’Fallon Board of Police & Fire Commissioners.

Further participation in the selection process will take place as vacancies occur. Candidates will be invited, in rank order to participate in and successfully advance through the following steps:

  • Background investigation including personal, financial, business, employment references, and criminal history
  • Polygraph examination
  • Oral interview with the Board of Fire & Police Commissioners
  • Conditional offer of employment; conditional on the successful passage of: 1. psychologial evaluation 2. medical examination 3. urinalysis drug screen

Following appointment, a new police officer is required to satisfy certain other requirements during the first 18 months of employment including attending the Police Academy.

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