The O’Fallon Board of Fire and Police Commissioners is excited to announce the implementation of a Lateral Entry Program for Police Officers. 

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Who is eligible? 

All persons who are currently employed, full-time (minimum 12 months) and in good standing, and have completed their probationary period (unless waived by the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners) as a Police Officer with an Illinois municipality, county, or state law enforcement agency may be considered for lateral entry. A certified police officer who has been laid off for financial or budgetary reasons from an agency within the 12 months preceding an announcement of a testing date may apply under the lateral entry process. Out of State Applicants must provide documentation that they have fulfilled the requirements of their training boards to be certified as a full-time law enforcement officer and be eligible to be certified in the State of Illinois.

How do I apply?


To be considered for lateral entry, a completed application must be submitted to the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.  All lateral entry applicants must provide documentation to show that their current responsibilities and duties are similar to those of a Police Officer in the City.  Police Officer applicants must provide documentation that they have fulfilled the requirements of the Illinois Police Training Act.

How long is the list active for?

Lateral Eligibility Lists shall expire one (1) year from the date it is published.  All Lateral Entry Candidates names will be followed by the expiration of their eligibility (after one year).  No Lateral Entry Candidate will be allowed to compete in the Lateral Entry Process more often than once every twelve (12) months.

Can I be on the lateral list and the traditional list?

Yes.  Candidates can take the traditional written test (with the consortium) and complete a lateral entry application.

Is there a written test for Lateral Entry?

Lateral entry applicants will not be required to attend an orientation or take the entry level written examination.  However, all lateral entry candidates shall successfully complete all other phases of the entry-level process before an offer of employment is given.

The entirety of your placement on the Lateral Entry List will consist of an Oral Interview and Experience Assessment by the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners. Oral interviews will be conducted on a quarterly basis during the months of March, June, September, and December.  Eligible applicants will be notified of the interview dates.  Lateral Entry Applicants will not be required to take the POWER test.

Lateral entry scoring is as follows:

Examinations  |  % of Total Grade  |  Minimum Passing  

  •  Physical Aptitude Test  |  N/A  |  Pass or Fail
  •  Oral Interview(s) & Experience Assessment  |  100%  |  *
  •  Polygraph Test  |  N/A  |  Pass or Fail
  •  Background Investigation  |  N/A  |  Pass or Fail


  •  Psychological Examination  |  N/A  |  Pass or Fail
  •  Medical Examination(s)  |  N/A  |  Pass or Fail

*To be announced and established by the Board prior to conducting the examinations.

Are there preference points for Military or Education?

No preference points will be applied to lateral entry applicants.

Why do you have a traditional list and a Lateral Entry list?

Pursuant to our city’s Home Rule Status, O’Fallon has the opportunity to create a Lateral Entry List.  We will continue to offer the traditional list (testing through the Consortium), however with our decision to implement this new Lateral Entry List, we have the option of hiring a Certified Officer who would be available for assignment immediately upon hiring.

Which list will you be hiring from?

The Chief of Police has discretion on which list to choose from when it comes to hiring based on the needs of the organization.